Installation Services

We provide several electrical installation services, including cubicles or transformers positioning and installation, main electric wire setup, tray line installation, wire connection, energizing, and Operational Feasibility Certification. Premier Power employs certified engineers with excellent expertise in their fields. Combined with years of experience, we ensure that your projects will be completed in a timely manner with flying colors.

Testing & Commissioning

We also provide testing and commissioning services to finish the electrical installation perfectly. This process includes inspections to the electrical installation to ensure its faultless and safe operation. The tests and inspections that we conduct consist of 2 main parts, Visual Check and Construction Check.

The Visual Check covers the inspections for each individual components within an electrical installation (for example the wire installation, scoen, control system, meger, etc), to ascertain all components match the technical specification mentioned in the contract, and that they are in good conditions, without any defect whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the Construction Check involves the inspection of components installations and assembly, to check if they are carefully done based on the standard and regulations.(PUIL, SPLN, etc).

Other tests that we conduct include the individual tests, grounding endurance tests, voltage tests, and electrical safety system tests.

Our specialised and experienced team have the skills and capability to offer an end to end service experience.

From testing of your plant and equipment to understanding the performance and upgrade paths available for your equipment, through to the installation and commissioning of the cooling system, Air Radiators offer a ‘know how’ offered by few others.

Correct installation of our product offers long life and best performance. Who better to install and commission the equipment other than those that designed and built the unit. Our team of Installation, Commissioning and Service Engineers have experience in installing and optimizing the product that we manufacture all around the world.

We deliver expertise you can trust.

Project Sales

  • Site Survey
  • Load Calculation / Gensizing and Product Selection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Advising customers on sites selection and preparation
  • Design and application Engineering support
  • Forming strategic alliances and consortiums
  • Financial packaging in conjunction with financial institution

Commercial Services

  • Erection and Installation of Power units
  • Emergency on-call Repairs
  • O&M Contracts
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Top-end & Major Overhauling
  • Condition Monitoring Services i.e. Vibration Analysis, Video Scope, Thermography
  • Laying of Cable Tray, Laying & Termination of Cables
  • Heat Exchanger & Radiator Solutions

Rental Solutions

  • DG Sets – up to 300 KVA
  • Load Bank – up to 500 KVA
  • ATS Panel – Up to 1000 KVA
  • Scaffolding-DBs, Power Cable etc.
  • Cranes
  • Lifter
  • Lighting Tower
  • Fuel Efficient Rental Diesel Power
  • Total Mobile Power Solutions
  • 24/7 backup Support

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