Premier Engineering & Services (PES) is the fastest growing E&M contracting company in Pakistan. We offer complete E&M contracting solutions starting from Supply, installation, Testing and commissioning for a wide spectrum applications which includes all kinds of Electrical, Low Current, Lightening Protection System, Access Control, Fire Alarm System, Public address system for Industrial Projects, Commercial & Residential Building, Hospitals, High Rise Towers, Landscaping and Street Lighting Projects, as per the standards of Pakistan authorities.

 Are you still relying on out-dated fossil fuels for generating energy? Move to sustainable solutions that protect the environment, reduce your carbon footprint, make you eligible for rebates and boost the company’s reputation. Premier Engineering & Services is recognized across the board for its highly resilient building electrifications. We decarbonize your property so every activity conducted inside the home or commercial unit is sustainability-friendly.

Responsible homeowners these days are rapidly switching to sustainable energy for their basic needs. So, why shouldn’t you do the same? Our domestic building electrifications are a class apart and will rid you of conventional energy sources’ burden.

Companies shifting to renewable energy sources are thriving in the modern century. With our services, you can take your commercial organization to the next level. Our building electrifications can lower your costs by a drastic margin, allowing you to reap even further profits at higher efficiency. Premier Engineering & Services enable you to exercise corporate social responsibility, attract more clients and accelerate operations.

Utilize innovative technologies to power your industrial requirements. We maintain a sustainable compliance record for industrial sectors by structuring their electrical infrastructures to complement a renewable transition.

We help housing scheme developers integrate building electrification for all residents. This allows newcomers and old residents to easily implement modern power solutions within their houses.

extra low voltage (elv)

Always be alerted in case of a fire with top-notch alarm technology. Inbuilt sensors detect smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide when an emergency arises so there’s minimal risk to human life and belongings. Our fire alarms activate automatically, releasing a loud blaring sound to alert everyone in the building, no matter which floor. We install resilient technological devices all across your property for maximum relief and disaster prevention during crises.

We provide modern public address systems to schools, companies, seminar groups, event managers, hotels, and retail outlets. These are embedded with superior quality mics and speakers to enhance your voice without a trace of audible distortion.

A telephonic system may not be novel but it’s certainly imperative to households and companies even today. By connecting communications internally and externally, we let businesses unite their workforce and keep lines of interaction free-flowing at all times.

Compared to traditional circuits, these can improve load-bearing capabilities by a large margin. Ultimately, saving clients the trouble of spending money on upgrading an expensive grid.

Get your hands on the best lightning arresters on the market. Our devices extend the longevity of telecommunication hardware as well as power transmission technologies by safeguarding essential components from lightening. Both insulation and conductors are protected, whereas two voltage terminals allow seamless passing of current to the ground for maximum damage control.

Don’t just hire amateurs for cable laying or cable removal? Here at Premier Engineering & Services, our experts know exactly what they’re doing. After being thoroughly trained and vetted in the field for years, we can confidently claim that nobody lays cables better than us. Every step of the process from trench digging to systemic cable laying is on par with industry standards. Similarly, we also remove cables from specified areas with due diligence to ensure unrelated networks remain un-tampered with.

installation of lt/ht panels, transformer and btd

Immensely experienced and skilfully unmatched, Premier Engineering & Services flaunt the best low voltage and high voltage line installation in the industry. We’re fully aware of the regulations and concerns tied to large-scale electrical projects.

We’re recognized for our expertise in electrical transformer installation for state-ordained as well as private sector clients. This solution includes all phases of successful transformer erection including preliminary and post-requisite services such as testing and management. Risk assessments are thoroughly drawn before auxiliary machinery is put into place. Needless to say, our technicians are respectful of site rules and commissioner guidelines. We understand our responsibility to the client; hence, try our best to limit pollution, wastage, and inconvenience during the installation process.

We install and configure highly robust bus ducts for high load electric conductivity. Considering the electrical risks at hand, only the most cautious tools and equipment are used to lay down the bus bars in a way that supports optimal conduction to power cables within the overall network.