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We at Premier Engineering & Services (Pakistan) believe in “CUSTOMER FOR LIFE POLICY.” We maintain our credibility with our customers by providing them with good services before and after sales, ensuring a good relationship with them. Our staff is always available for our customers and we provide an immediate response to them, showing that at Premier Engineering & Services (Pakistan) “WE CARE.”

Based on our customer’s requirements, we offer system operation and maintenance contracts.

We provide the best of our services to fix electromechanical problemsfrom light fixtures to complete electrical installations, we undertake all types of electrical work.

We provide 24/7 backup support to our clients, since we know your systems and know what is at stake. Every second counts and can cost money and lives.

PES has established a facility to provide Top End and Major Overhaul service, which involves the reparation of the damaged engine or its individual parts.

This includes all necessary testing and checking of the systems installations and its parameterization in order to ensure all functioning conditions are met.

The PES is also specialized for servicing alternators. Our team of professional staff guarantees you a fast response to all your requirements.

Premier Engineering & Services provides specifically tailored Operation and Maintenance packages as per the client’s needs for the Diesel Power Plant.

Only those who know each detail and every component of a system are able to take all the necessary care, guaranteeing reliability, comfort, and performance.

We provide Complete Installation, testing & commissioning of Auto Transfer Switch, Parallel gear and switchgear manufacturers in Pakistan.

PES holds a strong liaison with highly certified & vast experienced engineering professionals to assist & support your overall asset reliability & integrity needs.

PES provides Highly Reliable, Efficient and ready to install, plug & play type Equipments to customer’s requirements, anywhere within very short span of time.

PES mastered the craft of mechanical fabrication since we make fuel tanks, canopies, ducting and other mechanical parts according to client’s needs.

The market for diesel generators in Pakistan has increased due to the continuing problems with the grid power supply so we filling the gap.

Premier Power is proudly engaged, licensed and equipped to offer all types of industrial radiators sales & after-sale, descaling services throughout Pakistan.

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