At Premier Engineering & Services (PES), you can find resiliently built Diesel Generating Sets that keep your home and business running, no matter what!

Ensuring smooth business operations amid rampant power outages can cause organizational efficiency to nosedive. With electric load shedding on the rise, the commercial sector is all but left to the whims of dwindling power supply. Needless to say, reliable alternatives aren’t just ideal, but necessary.

Low Maintenance

Our intricately engineered solutions use industry-grade materials to ensure successful operation with minimal components. In that, you benefit from minimal maintenance when it comes to changing parts down the line. Our customers can vouch for years of uninterrupted efficiency without the need for replacing equipment partsor spending money on repairs.

Maximum Durability

Premier Engineering &Services (PES) is known for remarkable durability. We don’t just deal in Generating Sets that last a single season; in fact, our equipment’s have been built to resist all forms of wear and tear over long periods. From combating environmental factors to performing according to their inbuilt structure, our Diesel Generating Sets come with a 1 year standard warranty but should be expected to work for much longer.

Unmatched Fuel efficiency

Since Premier Engineering &Servicesgenerators utilize diesel, the client gets unparalleled efficiency right off the bat. However, this is complemented by all the innovative technologies deployed in the production of diesel genset. Our engines are wholly robust and will reduce total fuel consumption when maintained according to expert guidelinesRest assured, exponentially longer run times at lower capacity is a guaranteed promise.

Lesser Overheads

Stop spending money on surging rates of gas and oil when you can maximise cost savings with diesel!Our diesel generators are your best bet for lower overheads tied to fuel expenses.

Low Risk

Whether you want a generator for residential, commercial or industrial use,people’s safety is the top priority. Naturally, you don’t want to put others at risk which is why our diesel generator sets are the best choice. Although flammable, these are drastically less prone to igniting compared to other types of generators.

Seamless Operation despite Long Power Outages

When power outages last for hours, business operations are forced to halt. But why should you incur avoidable losses when Premier Engineering & Services (PES) is right around the corner? Our diesel generators flaunt tremendous power output that keeps high load equipment running even when the nation is facing an electricity shortage.

Keep your organization’s power frontier active at all times with our diesel generating set.From long life to lasting durability, our sets enable continued operations even during times of environmentaland load challenges. You can rely on years of unhalted performance, low maintenance and consistent electricity management at mitigated costs.

Make the most of preapproved diesel generating sets in used conditions. We offer affordable solutions to commercial and residential clients eager to save money on their purchase. Despite their pre-owned status, these generating sets are certified, checked for performance, and cleaned. We only deal in products worthy of our valued customers which is why your peace of mind is guaranteed. Each set available in our store is thoroughly tested for load-bearing capabilities as well as overall functionality.

Premier Engineering & Services (PES) believes in building lasting relationships with its clients. Needless to say, our service to you doesn’t end after the purchase. From installation to troubleshooting, our highly qualified supervisors andtrained technicians are always here to lend a helping hand. We understand the importance of managing power for your home or company, and thus, provide personalized support. So, be it changing of parts, extending generator life span, maintenance, or information of technical utility, we’ve got you covered through it all.

The first step in reaping the benefits of your diesel generating set is installation. As experts, we understand how crucial this process is for long term performance. Tasking amateurs with the installation not only compromises efficiency but may also put everyone at risk. From choosing a suitable spot to complying with regulations, our engineers take care of every prerequisite and post installation consideration. Our stringent planning and implementation policies save your business hefty repair costs while reducing the need for maintenance.

Rely on an experienced team of engineers for reliable mechanical fabrication tied to your diesel generator set. From erecting fuel tanks, canopies, ducting and silencer to conducting insulation and cladding, our mechanical fabrication solutions boost better performance of your equipment. We leverage state of the art technologies to render tailor-made fabrications so your power generationgoals are never compromised.

Premier Engineering & Services (PES) go the extra mile to boost your Diesel Gen-Sets operational integrity as the years go by. These solutions also involve dedicated support for on-going maintenance to prevent unnecessary faults in the system and extend its lifespan.

While our Diesel Generating Setsare the best you’ll find on the market, upkeep and repairs are inevitable as the equipment gets old. Most of the time, however, you do not need to replace the entire generator. Premier engineers are fully equipped to conduct quality repairs of different generator parts so your expenses are minimal. We carefully disassemble and reconstruct malfunctioned components, rebuild engines and over haul the top or bottom of the set to troubleshoot technical problems.

In search of diesel generating sets for a short duration? Avail our client-oriented rental solutions that fit your specific requirements. Premier engineers ensure an efficient set up and installation based on a bespoke agreement with the customer. Our rental package features all accessories topped off withround the clock technical support. If you’re facing an emergency or need diesel generators to meet scheduled power outage due to peak loads during summer or shortfall in winter due to reduced hydel power generation, our team is always prepared to help out. We deal in best-in-class Genset brandsbacked by industry certifications to vouch for their excellent state. So, choose from an extensive range of diesel generating sets and meet your objectives as intended.

As quality driven service providers, we support our clients with an annual maintenance contract. This AMC is comprehensively designed to lower upkeep generator costs following the years of your purchase. So, to say, you’ll have more control over costs and lasting equipment life. Rest assured, we never overlook shortfalls and deliver as promised so you’re always one step ahead.