Update your old electric power system or let us build one from scratch with premium quality switchgear

Out-dated switchgears are a burden on companies striving to improve costs and streamline electrical operations. At Premier Engineering & Services (PES), we deploy uber modern technologies and top it off with structural design efficiency to improve the performance of basic switchgears. Whereby, clients benefit from lower maintenance hassle and reduced system faults down the line.

Our low-level switchgears protect and control your electrical operations through tactful segregation. Once installed, circuit breakers and fuses in an assembly streamline the transmission of electrical utility within your home, office or commercial facility. We deal in industry standard switchgears based on a phased distribution system for enhanced electrical safety and supply.

Our industry compliant switchgear is cognizantof all safety guidelines so your human capital can work danger free! We have integrated new protocols and procedures within our products to ensure that your systems keep running without putting others at risk.

Premier Engineering & Services (PES)supports a long list of diverse organizationsin the power sector through reliable products offered at reasonable prices. We charge for our technical knowledge, expertise and dedication which is why you’re bound to find market competitiverates every time you buy from us.

Don’t be the kind of business that pays unnecessary energy bills! Our switchgears are unmatched upgrades from older versions and will help you maximise energy savings all year round.

There’s nothing worse than losing expensive equipment or appliances to a short-circuit. Such a setback can weigh heavily on a company or household, which is why low voltage switch gears are absolutely essential. Circuit breakers fitted within the AMF/ ATS panel transfer power to generators so you never have to bear the brunt of a blackout. Additionally, the LV-PCB trip units provide overload protection in cases of unregulated electrical flow across the grid.

Compared to traditional circuits, these can improve load-bearing capabilities by a large margin. Ultimately, saving clients the trouble of spending money on upgrading an expensive grid.

Our PFIs are known for mitigating the drop in conductor-related voltagethereby stabilizing electricity supply to your equipment and preventing damage.

Out-dated plants often lead to sneaky losses that quietly add to your electrical expense every month. Installing a PFI, however, can largely reduce these so your power supply is free from all compromising variables.

Enjoy reduced costs for optimal load balance at efficient fuel consumption levels. Our synchronizing panels enable lower expenses while adjusting the load to the minimal expendable value of diesel, petrol or gas-based generators.

A series of alternators allow continued operations as constant support is provided to a load at all times. Whereby, even in the case of alternator failure, seamless load shifting will ensure that the entire system is not affected.

Hire us to install reliable motor control centresso you can gain centralized access to all company equipment. Our MCC panels are fully fitted with combination and motor starters, dis-connectors, breakers, fuses and more. We’re able to provide unlimited benefits to our clients through single source MCCs that enhance coordination through a pre-tested system with integrated controls. If your company operates heavy load equipment prone to faults, MCCs can reduce the chances of malfunction through fault containment alongside component isolation. At Premier Engineering & Services (PES), we deliver motor control centres in compact packaging for easy installation.

Tired of climbing electricity costs? Improve the power efficiency of your electrical system with Premiere’s PFI panels. This product offers immersive corrective advantages to companies deploying processing plants. If you’re struggling with fluctuating loads damaging your electrical assets, a power factor improvement panel is necessary.

Reduce power loss with Premier’s changeover switches that complement your commercial or industrial grid. By preventing back feed, you’re eligible for greater cost benefits and utility efficiency. Due to inconsistency in electricity supply and flow, MOR panels are vital for a seamless transfer between primary and alternative power sources in case of an outage.

We also provide boiler control panels that regulate control over differentcomponents of your boiler for better combustion results.

With Premier Engineering & Services (PES), your facility can synchronise its generators or utilityfor enhanced power utilization. Our load sharing panel effectively distributes power across standby generators for seamless operation. Whether its power plants or data centres, this product extends unparalleled reliability and flexibility to the client’s organization.

Our PDBs support short circuit systems in addition to overload protection mechanisms for practical power distribution on your industrial site. A string of durable relays allows tripping so your equipment and plants are safeguarded from avoidable electrical damage.

Our LDBs handle relatively smaller loads of electricity best suited for office or domestic applications. These are available in the form of switchboards with wall mountable features.

Our premium quality metal ducts conduct a seamless flow of electricity to your power cable system.

We ensure the viability of your heavy cabling project with sturdy cable ladders. These promote safety and resilient electrical wiring of any building or facility.

Affordable wire mesh suitable for your industrial site. This product efficiently complements optimal voltage installations and can be customized in different dimensions.