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LT Switchgear plays a vital role in the power distribution and consumption system. Generally speaking, switchboards are the term one uses to designate low voltage switching whereas switchgear connotes HT usage scenarios.

Switchgear System:

The expression “switch” infers a gadget that represents the moment of truth and electrical contact. In the mechanical and LT/HT setting switchgear is more mind-boggling as switchgear vendors will advise you. Switchgear is regularly ordered into classes like low voltage/low-pressure switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, and high voltage-high strain switchgear.

A normal framework has the force parts and control framework with an assortment of security and checking highlights. Perhaps the best name in the switchgear business is Larsen and Turbo. LT Switch gears are the best option for ventures and force circulation organizations for their absolute dependability and impeccable execution.

The term switchgear refers to a collection of various devices such as:

Circuit breakers
Relays, coils
Disconnect switches
Current transformers for sensing and monitoring as well as protection

All these components of switchgear may be contained in a suitable metal cabinet that is usually earthed for safety reasons. However, HT distribution systems with large circuit breakers and switchgear are usually housed in a building.

Apart from switching on and off the electricity supply, switchgear also controls power to the load, detects overload conditions, and has features to automatically trip, such as circuit breakers. This protects the equipment that consumes power and it also keeps cables and switchgear protected. Switchgear may also have multiple sources of supply and automatically switch load in case one source fails.

Switchgear and protection may be automated or manually operated though the former is preferable since the automated system detects overloads and short-circuits and immediately disconnects supply thus preventing a major hazard.

Some more features of switchgear:

The household switch you are familiar with usually has air as the isolating medium since air is an insulator. However, when it comes to HT/LT applications where voltages and currents may be quite high then the circuit breakers may be oil-immersed, gas, or even vacuum insulated. Some switchgear makes use of the hybrid model incorporating air and gas technologies.

The main reason for using gas, air, or vacuum is to quench the arc caused at the time of pulling contacts apart. For instance, medium voltage switchgear operates at around 40000 volts and this high voltage can cause quite a spark. Vacuum circuit breakers are usually employed here.

Switchgear may be classified according to voltage and current rating, by the choice of insulating medium and the interrupting rating or the short circuit current that the device can handle. Then there are further sub-classifications possible such as manual/motorized or solenoid operated as well as the transmission and distribution system.

Switchgear may be purposed for isolation purposes, as load break switches, and as grounding switches too in high voltage switchgear, medium voltage, and low voltage switchgear.

As can be seen, switchgear is highly complex and needs to be given the fact that switchgear and protection must handle voltages that go as high as 350KV and currents in thousands of amperes. There is no room for errors or choice of inferior quality components. Only the best will do such as Best LT switchgear obtained from authorized switchgear dealers in Pakistan.

Planning of installation, layout, and installation is just as critical, an area where switchgear dealers can collaborate with licensed electrical contractors to provide the right switchgear and advise on installation procedures for a faultless performance and absolutely safe.

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